Slide of events


  • [ sdb_event featured=1 location=15 ] will display a slide show with the next 5 featured events from your center (or any center if you specify the location, here location=15 which is Paris , France)

you can have only one such slide show per page at the moment. if more are present , it might be buggy. if you really need to have more , contact [email protected] and i will find a solution.

Other examples:

  • [ sdb_rec_event id=2526 ] (a recurrent hatha yoga class that has the ID 2526 in the SDB happening in Cologne)
  • [ sdb_event code=L01-L02 location=75 ] shows all events that are shambhala levels one or two located in Cologne (code L01 and L02 in the SDB for level one and level two. The center ID for Cologne in the SDB is 75)
  • [ sdb_event id=237093 location=65 ] Just a specific ID in Munich (center ID 65)