List of predefined slugs available

Certain slug names are reserved in our system for special functions .

What is a slug ? for instance this page has the title “List of predefined slugs available” and the slug for the page (what appears in the URL) is list-of-slugs

Here is the list. Do not delete this pages as this will make your website not functional.

  • registration : generates the registration form
  • calendar: list of events
  • calendar-detail: info on a specific event
  • recurrent-event: info a a specific recurrent event (with the list of dates for that event)
  • inbox : list of all email sent to you from the SDB
  • bibliography : list of books recommended in your center language
  • book-details : info on a specific book
  • find-center: list of centers in your country with option to other countries
  • subscriptions: form to manage your sangha wide subscriptions
  • history : list of all event attended
  • history-details : info on a specific event
  • calendar-view : calendar view of list of events
  • payment: payment form (for shambhala online )
  • account : form to create shambhala account OR reset password for S.A.
  • volunteer: form to sign up for a volunteer position
  • gifts (for shambhala online)
  • autoresponder: page displaying a autoresponder after registration (optional)
  • library : list of all events (past , present and futur ) in your center
  • unsubscribe : form to unsubscribe from a mailing list
  • unsubscribe2 : same ?
  • care-and-conduct:
  • center (who’s who and center information)
  • Password (Form to modify your Shambhala Account password)