Manifesting Kindness - Being Gentle and Tough

Friday 18 November 2011 (19:30 -21:30)
Saturday 19 November 2011 (09:00 -19:00)
Sunday 20 November 2011 (09:00 -13:00)
Shambhala Europe
Teachers : Sabine Rolf & Deborah Coats & Chris Montone &
Coordinators : Christine Drabek & Jani Glavina
Contact person : Christine Drabek
Price : 50
Office of Practice and Education Conference

One of the topics that is currently increasingly discussed and that we'll have a chance to look at together is

The Role and Responsibility of Shambhala Guides at our centres and groups.

Are they allowed to give group instruction?

What about seeing people for the fifth time?

Can a Shambhala Guide give meditation interviews during the courses of the Way of Shambhala?

We invite specifically and additionally Shambhala Guides to the conference to progress in their education.

Another issue we can explore together, that many of us encounter along the path and that is not much talked about is: How do I change my meditation instructor?

We will have enough time at the conference to discuss your topics, like the ones above. If you think you can’t come due to financial issues, please contact us.

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