Bi-Annual Meditation Instructor Conference

Friday 20 November 2009 (19:30 -19:30)
Sunday 22 November 2009 (13:00 -13:00)
Shambhala Europe
Teacher : David Hope
Coordinators : Saskia Bröker & Tessa Ladendorff
Contact person : Saskia Bröker
Price : 75

European Meditation Instructor Conference in Cologne, November 20th-22nd , 2009, directed by Acharya David Hope.

Even if you can come just for a part of it, please come! With many European Mi's we hope to explore, among others, the new curriculum  with. 

The purpose of this MI conference is threefold:

  • To come together as Meditation Instructors in our mandala – to practice together and be a community together and share our experiences.
  • To review the pilot of the new curriculum “The Way of Shambhala”. The new Shambhala Buddhist curriculum more closely integrates Shambhala Training with Buddhist education and combines all of this with regular contemplative exercises. Therefore, to be the most effective M.I. for your students we should be prepared with a good understanding of the new curriculum, as well as how to answer students' questions about not only shamatha but also contemplative meditation, and learn how to talk about the dignities, windhorse, and drala before a student has entered the Sacred Path.
  • To discuss issues that affect us as MI's,
    • including giving and receiving and feedback,
    • ongoing training,
    • membership of instructees
    • Leading contemplations
    • Interview practice on difficult (challenging) topics
    • 1st meditation instructions (etc.)

The price for the conference is 75 € and includes catered lunch. It is possible to stay overnight in the centre, apart from this we cannot provide lodging or sangha places to stay. Please indicate if you need a place at the centre in your registration.


The programme will start at 19.30 on Friday 20th and end on Sunday the 22nd around lunchtime, so everyone can get home in time to start fresh into the new week.

 During this weekend the follwoing on-line class is planned as well:

For those who attended a Scorpion Seal Assembly in 2009 we will offer at the Kalapa Centre the possibility to listen to the two talks of  Ashe Acharya John Rockwell in the evening. For those who would attend the talksin the evening we encourage them to join the morning practice session with the Cologne Sangha.