ONLINE Weekly Dechen Chöling Lhasang

Wednesday 1 July 2020 (08:15 -08:30)
Dechen Chöling
Contact person : Aurelie Hirtzel
Join us for our weekly lhasang

“When we do a lhasang to bring down the magic energy of enlightenment and drala, the smoke of the lhasang is said to purify those obstacles that are actually on us. It gets into our pores and allows us to have a fresh start. A lhasang is considered to be very important, because it immediately raises our windhorse. It connects us with the dralas, the enlightened beings. It is said that how we lead our life affects our personal drala. We can weaken our personal drala, or we can increase our personal drala, purely by how we lead our life.”
The Sakyong Jampal Trinley Dradül, Shambhala Day 2004

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Start time: 8:15 AM

End time: 8:30 AM